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  • Unparalleled Yields
  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Join The Growing Revolution

  • Unparalleled Yields
  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Join The Growing Revolution

Room to grow

BLOOM has more than 20 cubic feet of interior space, for an industry-leading variety of growing options and massive yields. BLOOM gives you the flexibility to grow what you want, however big you want to grow it.

Stunning results

Canopy and side lighting along with real-time, AI-optimized controls ensure the most optimal growing conditions, which means spectacular blooms and generous yields.

Seamless technology

Use the touchscreen control panel on the device, or enjoy the flexibility of the mobile app when you’re not in the room. Either way, you’ll get to the same incredible results.

Limited quantities at a special price.

Join the Growing Revolution!

Available now

Order online with free white-glove delivery.

Valuable savings

Share your feedback and save $1,000.

Access to experts

Questions? Ideas? Tell our BLOOM Concierge Team.

Be the first

Loaded with features and ready to start growing, the premier run of BLOOM cabinets is heading out into the real world.

We’re inviting a select group of growers to be the first to bring BLOOM into their own homes and help us shape the future of growing.

  • Get BLOOM at a limited-edition price
  • Provide product feedback
  • Cultivate our community in BLOOM Forum
Join The Growing Revolution
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BLOOM is just the beginning

BLOOM in your home means access to our entire ecosystem, with community connection, creative inspiration, and the ease and efficiency of technology, all to enhance your BLOOM experience.


Ask questions and add grow recipes. Share results and make connections. You’ll find answers, inspiration, and community in the BLOOM forum.

Grow Recipes

Search or filter through our expanding, cloud-based database of grow recipes. Download your selection to your BLOOM cabinet and we’ll take care of the rest.


With our IOS- and Android-compatible app, you can enjoy complete control of BLOOM no matter where you are.