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BLOOM Cabinet

Grow the perfect plant...every time.

Beta Program Price $2,495 Regular Price $3,995

BLOOM deploys advanced AI that allows you to personally control and optimize conditions or use pre-set controls to "set it and forget it." Whatever you choose, you'll see amazing growth and impressive yields. BLOOM creates and sustains ideal growing conditions. As the data is synchronized and summarized, you are given actionable instructions and alerts to nurture your plants. And you can completely customize your grow settings for your plants, or download grow recipes designed by experts. So why grow, when you can BLOOM?

  • Fully automated precision growing
  • 300 true Watts of canopy and side panel horticulture grow lights
  • Real-time monitoring and adjusting of all essential growing conditions
  • Track, monitor, and optimize your grow with touchscreen and mobile app controls
  • More than 20 cubic feet of interior space for an industry-leading variety of growing options and massive yields. 
  • Expertly created and curated downloadable grow recipes guide your grow from day to day
  • Inspiration and support in BLOOM Forum
  • BLOOM Concierge Team support
  • Free white glove delivery included

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