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Complete Renewal Pack

A full collection of nutrients, pH boosters and more, so you can start a whole new grow.


Everything you need to grow again! Includes:

  • 1 Quart bottle of pH Up
  • 1 Quart bottle of pH Down
  • 1 Quart bottle of FloraGro
  • 1 Quart bottle of FloraMicro
  • 1 Quart bottle of FloraBloom
  • 2 Carbon Filters
  • 1 Net Pot
  • 1 Grow Pod
  • 8 oz Packet of Hydroton Grow Media
  • 4.5 lb bag of CO2 Generator
  • Nutrients manufactured by General Hydroponics, our sister company and the global leader in hydroponic nutrients, are part of a fully integrated BLOOM system
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