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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BLOOM?

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BLOOM is the biggest, smartest grow system available, packaged into a sleek, home-friendly device. It is fully-automated, with pro-level lights, minute-by-minute nutrient monitoring, real-time temperature adjustments, and built-in humidity control all working together to optimize your yield.

So easy to use, BLOOM lets you grow just about anywhere. Plug in your device, start from seed or live plant, download a grow recipe from BLOOM Forum, and let BLOOM do the rest. If you prefer to tinker and create your own grow recipes, BLOOM settings can be completely customized on the touchscreen control panel or through the mobile app.

What can I grow with BLOOM?

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Part of creating the world’s best growing device was making sure you didn’t have to compromise. With 12 cubic feet of grow space — more than twice as much as similar devices on the market — you can grow just about anything you want with BLOOM. Since you’re not limited to small plants and dwarf varieties, you can grow what you like and watch your plants reach their full potential as you enjoy impressive yields and astonishing harvests.

With all the growing space, canopy lighting, and controls for all other environmental factors, you can grow just about whatever you want with BLOOM.

How many plants can I grow at once?

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BLOOM is designed to grow a single, large plant per grow cycle. However, it does come with an optional 6-plant grow deck if you’d like to expand beyond just a single plant.

If you’re looking for the biggest and best harvest, for most plants we recommend growing 1 plant per cycle. With BLOOM, your plant can grow to its potential, filling the whole cabinet — side to side and top to bottom.

But if you’re interested in small or dwarf plants, or if you’re growing to identify plant sex, the grow deck gives you space for up to 6 plants at a time.

How does BLOOM work?

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Driven by revolutionary AI technology, BLOOM monitors and automatically optimizes all the environmental variables your plant needs, from seed to harvest, including lighting, humidity, air flow, temperature, and nutrient-dosing, plus drying and curing too. Just choose what you’d like to grow, select a grow recipe, and let BLOOM do the work.

If you’re interested in a more hands-on approach, BLOOM allows you to create your own grow recipes and adjust every factor to your exact specifications at every moment of the grow.

Do it yourself or let BLOOM do it for you, you’ll enjoy great results either way.

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