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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is BLOOM?

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BLOOM is the biggest, smartest grow system available, packaged into a sleek, home-friendly device. It is fully-automated, with pro-level lights, minute-by-minute nutrient monitoring, real-time temperature adjustments, and built-in humidity control all working together to optimize your yield.

So easy to use, BLOOM lets you grow just about anywhere. Plug in your device, start from seed or live plant, download a grow recipe from BLOOM Forum, and let BLOOM do the rest. If you prefer to tinker and create your own grow recipes, BLOOM settings can be completely customized on the touchscreen control panel or through the mobile app.

What can I grow with BLOOM?

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Part of creating the world’s best growing device was making sure you didn’t have to compromise. With 12 cubic feet of grow space — more than twice as much as similar devices on the market — you can grow just about anything you want with BLOOM. Since you’re not limited to small plants and dwarf varieties, you can grow what you like and watch your plants reach their full potential as you enjoy impressive yields and astonishing harvests.

With all the growing space, canopy lighting, and controls for all other environmental factors, you can grow just about whatever you want with BLOOM.

How many plants can I grow at once?

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BLOOM is designed to grow a single, large plant per grow cycle. However, it does come with an optional 6-plant grow deck if you’d like to expand beyond just a single plant.

If you’re looking for the biggest and best harvest, for most plants we recommend growing 1 plant per cycle. With BLOOM, your plant can grow to its potential, filling the whole cabinet — side to side and top to bottom.

But if you’re interested in small or dwarf plants, or if you’re growing to identify plant sex, the grow deck gives you space for up to 6 plants at a time.

How does BLOOM work?

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Driven by revolutionary AI technology, BLOOM monitors and automatically optimizes all the environmental variables your plant needs, from seed to harvest, including lighting, humidity, air flow, temperature, and nutrient-dosing, plus drying and curing too. Just choose what you’d like to grow, select a grow recipe, and let BLOOM do the work.

If you’re interested in a more hands-on approach, BLOOM allows you to create your own grow recipes and adjust every factor to your exact specifications at every moment of the grow.

Do it yourself or let BLOOM do it for you, you’ll enjoy great results either way.

What’s included when I buy BLOOM?

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Our complementary delivery and in-home placement includes everything you need for a full grow cycle except the seed or plant itself.

Every BLOOM growing device also comes with:

  • Specialized three-part nutrient system, (plus pH up and down solutions)
  • pH and PPM sensors and dosers
  • Active carbon filters (2)
  • All pumps and fittings
  • SCROG (sea of green) trellis netting
  • High-powered, 250w LED top light and 50w LED side lights
  • Active HVAC system
  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Free app access
  • Access to our grow recipe database
  • Access to BLOOM Forum, our online community

Note: Seeds, clones and/or cuttings not included

How much space do I need?

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We designed BLOOM to completely control all environmental factors and to look like a sleek piece of furniture, so you can feel good putting in anywhere you have the space. Coming in at 28”W x 25”D x 70”H and weighing 250 pounds, BLOOM is similar in size to a refrigerator. Two-way filtering deodorizes outgoing air and attractive tinted glass lets you proudly show off your plant. Display it as a conversation piece or tuck it into a work or storage space.

Does BLOOM have an app?

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Of course. The BLOOM mobile app is an extension of the device’s easy-to-use touchscreen interface. With the app, you can control BLOOM settings or view your growth no matter where you are. Plus, access the grow recipe database, reach out to our product experts, connect with other growers in the forum, and check the live camera feed for any-time growth updates.

Who is Botanicare?

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What started with an experimental plant nutrient brewed in the back room of an Arizona gardening store has evolved into Botanicare, a market leader in hydroponic products. Through nearly 30 years of innovation, foresight, and unconventional thought, Botanicare has helped the entire industry blossom. Since the beginning, Botanicare has been committed to finding new ways to help growers to do what they do best — grow.

BLOOM is the most recent step on this journey, as Botanicare played a key role in developing this self-contained, fully automated, and easy-to-use growing system.

How is BLOOM different from other growing devices?

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BLOOM offers more than twice as much growing space as other growing devices, the most power, and a fantastic array of features. All of this means you get total control and flexibility. Grow whatever plant you like, whatever size you want. Get creative and develop your own grow recipe, adjusting the environmental factors however you like, or choose the automated path and let BLOOM do all the work for you. It’s up to you.

Interested in the details?

  • BLOOM actively monitors and controls every environmental variable down to the minute, not just a couple times a day or week. This includes: temperature, humidity, light spectrum, duration and intensity, air circulation, C02 and air exchange, nutrient delivery cycles, nutrient solution pH, PPM, and nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and micro nutrient balancing.
  • BLOOM offers the largest growing area on the market, at more than 2.5 times the competition.
  • BLOOM integrates the most powerful grow lights of any grow box currently on the market, with a validated 300w of real power. Grow light power is one of the key variables in ensuring a large harvest.
  • BLOOM has an advanced flood-and-drain nutrient delivery system that maximizes oxygen to the plant roots, minimizing root diseases and other issues found in deep-water-culture delivery systems.
  • BLOOM can specifically maximize plant health for a targeted variety (like tomatoes), but also maximize health for specific subtypes (like beefsteak) and for specific traits (like flavor, yield, size, aroma, or acid/sugar balance).


Does BLOOM use a lot of energy?

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Nope. Efficiency is key. BLOOM uses about as much energy as a small window AC unit, drawing a peak of 500w of power, or about 7 kwH per day. That’s less than $1 a day to run best-in-class grow lights and a cooling system that keeps your plant healthy and thriving. BLOOM is designed for significant growth without a significant carbon footprint.

What is BLOOM’s light output?

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Unlike devices that quote 200w grow lights when they only draw 50w of power at the plug, BLOOM fuels your plant with more usable energy and a broad, evenly distributed light spectrum from its 250w top canopy light and twin 25w side lights. This translates to bigger harvests than growing with a top light alone. It also means maximum canopy penetration, tighter internodal spacing, and bushier, more compact plants with greater yields in a smaller space.

Is BLOOM WiFi-enabled? Do I have to connect it?

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Yes, BLOOM is WiFi-enabled, and you can choose to connect it or not — it’s totally up to you. A WiFi connection is not make-or-break, but we recommend it for the best BLOOM experience. When you connect BLOOM to the internet, you can download or share user-generated grow recipes, view and share photos from the on-board camera, and download the latest and greeted firmware as we learn ad grow. However, the device’s touchscreen control panel gives you full access to monitor and adjust all settings even without a WiFi connection.

How are grow recipes created?

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During the setup phase, you can create a grow recipe that will tell BLOOM how to optimize and control every aspect of the grow to make sure you get the results you’re looking for. You can also upload it to our database in real time to share with the community, or download, edit and grow recipes posted by other users and experts from around the world.


How do I get started?

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Setup takes just 10 minutes and BLOOM walks you through the whole thing. Just follow the prompts on the control panel. It will tell you to add water and nutrients, pick a recipe, and then you’re done. BLOOM takes it from there, managing everything else your plant needs, monitoring constantly, and automatically adjusting as needed, from veg to bloom.

How long before my first harvest?

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A typical grow cycle takes 2-4 months, depending on plant variety, recipe, and if you started from seed or clone.

Can I dry and cure with BLOOM?

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Yes. BLOOM can dry and cure harvested plants by controlling relative humidity, temperature, and air circulation to create the ideal conditions for proper plant finishing.

How will I know when my plant needs something?

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Nearly everything your plant needs is automatically controlled and managed without you having to do a thing. Infrequently — about every few weeks — you’ll get a reminder on the device control panel and the mobile app about making a quick adjustment like changing the water or swapping nutrients. Neither takes more than 10 minutes, and it gives you an excuse to peek in and prune if you like. Everything else is set-and-forget.

How much does BLOOM cost?

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While the full price is $3,995. For a limited time, as part of BLOOM Beta, you can purchase BLOOM for $2,495. This special-edition pricing includes your involvement in our beta program for your first grow cycle. Participation includes answering surveys, sharing photos, and providing other feedback about your experience with BLOOM.

Where do you ship to?

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Currently, BLOOM can be delivered almost anywhere in the continental United States. North Dakotans, call us and we’ll work it out. We are actively working to expand distribution to our friends in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

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